Lt. Col. Potter False Flag Alert: June 26th To June 29th

Posted: June 29, 2013 in NWO, U.S. News
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Lt. Col. Potter has issued a ‘yellow alert’ for a potential June 26th to June 29th ‘false flag’ terrorist attack committed by members of the United States government. Colonel Potter refers to another video, which I have also embedded below his. Interestingly enough, Beforeitsnews has just gotten in the following story: Lt.Col Potter on the run Feds after him

Possible beginning of, or actual execution of, a false flag. Watch for large mobilizations by rail and convoy. Watch for mixing of law enforcement with military personnel. Foreign APCs arrived last week. Foreign troops have permanent station within the U.S. Fleet-sized C-17 mobilization already done. My guess is that the 26th date is the beginning of continued “frog boiling” but be cautious from the 26h for 72 hours. Unusual heavy helicopter activity nation-wide. LA reports military vehicles being stored near parks. 

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  1. Reblogged this on Ends with Beginnings and commented:
    Very interesting! All good info and true. Tomorrow is the 72 hour deadline. I feel it’s going to be the slow build up but all the information that can be gathered is well worth having even if it’s the slow frog boiling!

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