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Thankful on Thanksgiving!

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Those among us who have a noble heart and righteous intentions are the first to be slaughtered!

Hindsight is always 20/20…

One of the several reasons the Johnson administration, CIA, Federal Reserve, and military-industrial complex had to murder JFK…he wanted to lower taxes, raise the overall standard of living, make the US economy strong again, and deconstruct the War Economy.

One of the saddest days for our Nation…this was the day when the globalists began a decades-long coup de ta designed to destroy our greatness, our freedom, our potential and our liberty, to force us to become a nation…no, a WORLD of slaves. Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT the man who killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy…Oswald was as he claimed, nothing more than a patsy.

Cartoon of the Day

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Do Americans Prefer Deception?

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We are becoming a nation of mindless, morally and ethically challenged sheep!

Just one more wound dished out to the American people under the dictator Obama.