About the Author

Cincinnati City Hall and Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati City Hall and Cincinnati Bell (Photo credit: joseph a)

My name is Christopher,  I’ve been very interested in writing, communication, and alternative news, prepping, and researching and revealing Conspiracy fact for a few years now.

I’m originally from Northwest Indiana, and moved to Cincinnati in late 2009.  I’m married and have a 14 year old stepson.

I’ve studied Business administration @ Anthem College online, am also a musician, artist, avid reader, man of faith, as well a man with many different interests.  I tend to explore political and conspiracy based topics here,  but I also intend on addressing other non-related issues as well.  I want to make this a well-rounded blog and keep it interesting for my readers.

I would love to get your comments and feedback (PLEASE no foul language or excessive negativity just in case we have younger readers here).  All opinions and points of view are welcome…I only ask that you remember to be respectful and responsible in what you post.  Thank you.

  1. ilovemykindergoats says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog…

    Looks great!

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