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The world we know today is not the world I ever expected to be living in.  It has mutated into something that terrifies me and drains my will to fight each and every day.

I can’t pinpoint exactly where and when we started to go so terribly wrong, but we have most certainly lost our way.  We seem to have become conditioned to be selfish, petty, prejudiced, fearful, paranoid, faithless, angry, distrustful, unable to co-exist with one another because we have been pushed to the very edge of our physical and mental limits by all of the stress we are forced to deal with each day.

Our society has been ripped off of it’s foundation by forces larger than many of us are able and willing to comprehend.  These forces wear false faces and pretend to have our best interests at heart,  but all they really want to do is to divide and control us like pawns in some sick and twisted chess game where they control both sides of the board.

Over decades these forces have gained control over our basic necessities – food, water, even the air we breathe. They have manipulated and poisoned everything we ingest in order to make us weak and sick over time, to wear us down and take the fight out of our spirits.  They have managed to induce a kind of “waking sleep” in us – we are able to function and go through our daily routines, but we are no longer able to reason or see things for what they truly are.  We are kept so busy running through our “sleep, work, eat, pay bills, sleep, work” cycle that we can no longer see that we are being manipulated, driven like cattle.  We are so busy just trying to work as hard as we can just to survive and not get trampled by the rest of the herd, we can’t see that our “government” and the news we watch on t.v. are pandering tour most primitive, violent, lustful nature… they are pitting us one against another, practicing the politics of division.  They have built a house of cards around us, they need us to be sedated and suspicious of our neighbor, that way we wont ‘wake up’ and make sudden unexpected moves which would bring their house of cards crashing down.

They use wars, racial pandering, and a myriad of other conflicts as pure distraction to keep our attention focused on anything other than what the real agenda is – the eradication of the human species as a free being. 

The forces I’m speaking of are smaller in number than we are.  They seek to ultimately control us by reducing our numbers, make us sick, weak, and solely dependent upon them for our basic survival.  They seek to sterilize us, to make us incapable of rising up and taking back what is being stolen from us.  Most of us don’t even realize or are mentally able to accept and process this truth… it’s just too big, too terrible, too hopeless to imagine… so the common response is complete denial – this is where ‘They’ win.

For the most part, the modern day prophets, the voices ‘crying in the wilderness’ are hated and ridiculed for speaking the truth.  The pre-conditioned state of denial has been planted so deeply within our herd mentality, that when someone holds a mirror up forcing to see ourselves for what we truly have become, the reflection is so horrible to us, so abhorrent… we choose to smash the mirror and kill the prophet rather than free ourselves.

We have become the vehicle of our own extinction.