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In the beginning….

Well, I thought this was a good place to begin.  Although future blogs will be oriented around topics like oppressive government, globalists, Agenda 21, and other pressing matters…I feel it’s a good idea to tell you a bit about how I came to be here.

I have always been curious about history, about how so many different conspiracy theories seem to be woven through everything we’ve ever been taught,  It wasn’t until the tragic events of 9/11 that I really began to dig for answers.  I began to ask questions that made people around me think I was turning into some kind of paranoid freak, but the more I discovered the more questions I had.   I began to truly understand that I not only had to keep digging for answers to my own questions, but now that I had some small bits of understanding, it was my responsibility to share what I’d learned.   From Roswell, government black ops, globalism, eugenics, water and food contamination, GMO‘s, HAARP, false flag ops, FEMA prison camps, the war against the family and reproduction, the great culling, the war to destroy the Constitution and the future, to the serious need to communicate to all of those who still think all of these things are fantasies of an overactive imagination…These are the things I’ll be discussing.

I’m an average guy in his early 40’s, which means I’ve lived long enough and have been lucky  to experience the wisdom of my Grandparents – That greatest of generations from post World War II America, who were responsible for making this country into the greatest bastion of freedom the world has ever seen…I’ve also been lucky enough to experience the world of my parents – the “Baby-Boomer” generation, to experience the decades of invention and innovation that bridged the worlds of yesterday and tomorrow.  I’ve been able to see how the world has changed,  how its become advanced technologically, AND how it has so quickly changed for the worse.  Corrupt politicians, the destruction of our families and our culture.  I’ve been able to observe our nation being taken away from us and the traditions and values that were always considered a blessing for us now looked upon with indifference…being assaulted by the mindless zombies of the liberal left and all of those brainwashed by the globalist agenda.

The good part of things is that while being in my early 40’s may be seen by some as being ancient, it also means that I’m still young enough to do something to affect a change on the world around me.  It means that while I’m NOT a wise, old sage…I have enough experience to know that we are on the wrong path, enough will to act, and enough humility to know I can’t do it alone.

So, welcome to the beginning of the journey.